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Little sister sneaks in….

Okay, well, technically I’m not “sneaking” on to this blog. Actually, I was invited to do so. Harold is currently on a 30-day retreat from the world. Perhaps, that’s a bit melodramtic. He’s taking Lent to really grow strong in the Lord (it’s like training for marathon, but a different kind). He’s doing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, so please keep him in your prayers during his “workout.”
Anyway, he has asked me, his sweet little sister (hehe) to take over the blog for the duration of his retreat, a request I simply could not refuse!
So, here I am. I’ll TRY and keep to the traditional saints of the day and such. Speaking of saints of the day, Happy Feast of St. Cyril and Methodius! Super saints. The two bros from Thessalonica in Greece, spent their lives evangelizing the Slavic people. After being ordained to the priesthood, the two brothers were asked to be missionaries. Because they were able to speak the Slavonic langauge, they were successful in bringing the message of the Gospel to the people there! Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day, too…

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