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Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! God is great!

I’ve been real busy with English 101. I’m about to starting working on my 4th essay which will be an argument against embryonic stem cell research. It’s funny that I’ve always been meaning to write about the subject but never got the opportunity (see procrastination). Now i kind of have to write it. It takes time to write a good essay but it’s well worth it.

Well I’ll be back with more shortly… so much to write about!

2 thoughts on “Give Thanks!”

  1. Harold,
    I had the chance to talk to your sister at the Sisters Of Life Mass on Sunday. We actually met in June but we had our first real conversation Sunday. I told her I’ve been reading your blog but I’ve never left a comment, so I promised her I would write you to tell you that someone out there is reading what you write and enjoys what you have to share with the world. I hope you are well.
    Peace & Prayers

  2. Sarah,

    Please accept my very belated thanks for your comment! I’m glad to know that people actually read my blog!

    I must tell you that I have often checked out your blog — you have quite a story to tell. You have my prayers for your continued recovery.


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