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Our God’s Human Heart



“Behold this Heart which has so loved men that It has spared nothing, even to consuming itself to witness its love. And in return, I receive from most of them only ingratitude, from their irreverence and their sacrileges and by the coldness and contempt that they have for Me in this Sacrament of loveā€¦” – Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary in a vision


Pope Benedict XVI said the following, this past Good Friday:


“Our God is not a distant God, untouchable in His beatitude. Our God has a heart. Indeed, he has a heart of flesh, He became flesh precisely so as to suffer with us and to be with us in our suffering. He became man in order to give us a heart of flesh and to reawaken in us the love for the suffering and the needy.


“At this time,” he concluded, “we pray to the Lord for all those suffering in the world. We pray to the Lord that He may truly give us a heart of flesh, that He may make us messengers of His love not only with words but with all of our lives. Amen.”



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