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St. Maria Goretti

St. Maria Goretti was a young martyr that we need to hear more about. She is a beautiful example of purity and chastity contrasted against the ugliness of sexual perversity and promiscuity. My friend the Apologist wrote a dope rap song about her. I’d like to share the lyrics here because this song says it all.

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Verse 1

She was the daughter of poor sharecroppers
And her father Luigi no longer wanted to be bothered
With the hard farm labor with poor pay in Corinaldo
So he thinks to himself to Rome is where we’ll now go
Get better wages to raise my family
no more managing a living with this bag of beans they handing me
So they had to leave to Ferriere in 1899
For new life thinking everything would be fine
Their property was owned by Count Mazzolini
Who seemed to be a mean one wanting crops in season
Which means someone has to help Mr. Goretti
To get the crops ready that’s when he hired Signor Serenelli
Now this fellow came with his son Alessandro, an 18 year old strong
To help them with the job flow
But they was something unknown, though they shared the same home
Alessandro had a lust addiction full blown

Verse 2

Due to mosquitos in the
Area, her father died of malaria
Now her mother’s alone so Maria has to carry the
Burden, at only 11 years old, she was told
To cook, clean the household, wash and fold all clothes
Opposed she never did, she was made a new kid
Since her First Communion there grew in her a new strength
Cause soon here innocence was to be tested
By the very one in her house whom no one suspected

Alessandro watched Maria from distance
Insistence to act his fantasies was persistent
He attempted approaching her alone in the fields
She pushed him away and ran, and said that never did yield
But he chased her and said “If you reveal what I tried to do
Maria, I swear it, I’m going to kill you!”
At this she was horrified, Maria didn’t want to die
So she tried not to be alone with him and his taunting eyes
He kept awaiting the next opportunity
Thinking “Maria, soon it’ll be just you and me”
Then one day, while Maria’s mom was out working
He said “I’m going back for handkerchief soon I’m returning”
Then with evil glee, he ran back how with great speed
Thinking, “Now I’ve got you Maria! No one will hear you scream!”
He rushed in and said “Maria come here!”
Such mad man did he appear, Maria’s heart fill with fear
She tried to run, but he showed his is knife
And said, “Maria come here now, or I’m taking your life!”
He jumped on her the she yelled “Stop this or you’ll go to hell
It’s sin, God forbids it!” Then he entered in a spell
Then down fell the blade stabbing in her rib cage
He was mad and insane, her panic changed to pure pain
Then the blood stains sobered him some, his feelings numb
While Maria crawled pleading “please Someone come!”
Then Alessandro’s dad heard the baby crying on the 2nd floor
Thinking “Now where is Maria? What’s the baby crying for?”
He goes into the house and finds Maria half dead
Saying “My God! Who did this to you? ” Alessandro” she said
Before long, the whole town knows the episode
Exclaiming, “Maria is saint!” And “to jail with Alessandro!”
They tried to heal her wounds but she couldn’t be saved
Then she forgave her attacker then she passed away…

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