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Semper Fidelis!

Yesterday was my sister’s big day, the culmination of 6 months of training. The Marine Corps Marathon, 26 miles!

My mom, dad and i went to see some of the race and to cheer her on. The band was playing Rocky theme song when we got there. It was a great spot at the National Mall where we could see the runners at the 13 mile point—we missed my sister though, by around 15 minutes! After the last of the runners passed by we decided to check out the nearby National Botanical Garden…i don’t think many people know about this place.

Later at home I went online with my sister’s running number to see her progress… I think its funny that it’s called a bib number… Anyway, each runner had a tracking chip on a shoe which can be traced on the the Marine Corps Marathon website. She had about 5 miles left. What should be on tv at that time? Rocky!

I have competed well; I have finished the race;
 I have kept the faith.

– 2 Tim. 4:7

Thanks to Divine Providence the Scripture readings yesterday included that verse from St. Paul! It’s also interesting to note the words “I have kept the faith” as the motto of Marine Corps is Semper Fidelis—Always Faithful. My sister was faithful in training for this race, faithful to God calling her to do it. Perseverance. The marathon—every real sport–is an analogy of life. Compete well; finish the race;
 keep the faith.

“He who perseveres to the end will be saved.”

– Mk. 13:13

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