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These past few days…

What an awesome time these past few days have been…the Feast of St. Therese, St. Francis—I’ll be posting about him soon, the Guardian Angels, St. Faustina…I’m blessed to have a birthday in October!

Saturday was a great youth/young adult event (info) at Catholic U. with Holy Mass, praise & worship, speakers and Adoration. My two second cousins whom i brought along, loved it. Jason Evert was one of the speakers–man, that guy is a brilliant communicator and fun to listen to. He speaks so effectively on chastity–a message desperately needed today. Check out his website: Pure Love Club

Then, on Monday at the Shrine was the IWPF Eucharistic prayer vigil with various speakers:

Dr. Alan Keyes was there… he’s was on fire! I wish that you reading this could have been there. I forgot that that he was a politician! That man is a devout Catholic–he can really preach the Gospel!

He jokingly referred to himself as a big loser–“just look at my political track record”. And then he went on to affirm how GOD chooses the weak to manifest His strength. I really got the sense that Dr. Keyes was there that day for GOD.

After Holy Mass with the homily by Fr. Seraphim–Divine Mercy preacher, Fr. Frank Pavone was next… Here is something of what he said:


Jesus had the power to lay down His life—this power is Divine Love. He laid it down freely. Christ won the victory by His Cross and Resurrection. Death has been defeated, destroyed at the very root! Why then do we still die? It is the echo or the ripple effect, which still reverberates. The source, however, was taken out.

Therefore victory is the final word, victory is the starting point for everything we undertake. How much more will this encourage us to keep fight against evil such as abortion? And as Mother Teresa said—“the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion…”

If we are in Christ then the same Power of Love is in us…


Other speakers included Bobby Schindler–the brother of Terri Schiavo who shared his personal story, and Fr. Clement Machado SOLT.

Music provided by Tony de Blois a very gifted musician who has a form of autism and is blind. Doctor suggested that his mother have an abortion.

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