Bella is beautiful!

The movie Bella is what the name means—beautiful.

Metanoia Films’ first production, Bella, is a simple yet powerful movie about self-sacrificial love. When NYC waitress Nina is fired for being late again, the restaurant’s chef Jose befriends her, learning the reason for her tardiness: she is pregnant.

“This is the most important film that every citizen in America should go see.”

Tony Bennett said that after the film screening in NY. I thought the same thing but I’m not Tony Bennett.

Bella presents the case for life–without saying much. As Nina gives reasons why she cannot keep her child, Jose doesn’t give her a sermon–he just listens. Bella is not propaganda—it doesn’t condemn or point fingers. In no way does Bella come off as judgmental.

That’s really all I can say about the movie without giving it away for those who haven’t seen it yet. Note the sign at the beach and the kite in the air as the movie ends.

Please go and see Bella this weekend Nov. 16-18 so it remains in the theaters as long as possible!

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