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Sunday 11.11.07

I was feeling kind of down on Sunday morning…feeling kind of lame I guess…lol. My physical needs, struggles and all of that. We were a little late to Mass at the National Shrine and our plans for Confession didn’t quite work out either.

The Sunday Liturgy was all about our belief in the Resurrection–a reality that gives me great joy:

“The children of this age marry and remarry;
but those who are deemed worthy to attain to the coming age
and to the resurrection of the dead
neither marry nor are given in marriage.
They can no longer die,
for they are like angels;
and they are the children of God
because they are the ones who will rise.'”

At Communion, the Resurrection Himself consoled me. I had inside me ‘the antidote to death’. The recessional hymn Lift high the Cross reminded me that the Cross always leads to Resurrection! Someone sitting in the pew behind us asked me about my disability after Mass and wished me well. As we were leaving the Upper Church of the Shrine, someone gave me a chaplet of the Infant Jesus. A huge bear hug from God–that is the best way to describe what i experienced.

Just wanted to share!

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