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Our Lady of Guadalupe: a Litany

Here is a Litany (private use) that the Holy Spirit gave me last year. (Please don’t forget to read the post below this one!)

Lord, have mercy on us. Christ have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ graciously hear us.
God, the Father of heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, pray for us.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Bearer of the Word made Flesh
Sign of God’s Love
Destroyer of heresies
One who crushes the head of the serpent
Virgin of the poor and humble
Virgin Most Chaste
Virgin of the Tilma
Virgin of the Roses
Virgin of Guadalupe
Virgin of Tepeyac
Dark Virgin (La Morenita)
Pregnant Virgin bearing Divine Life
Perfect and Perpetual Virgin
Mother of the True God
Little Mother (Madrecita)
Fruitful Mother of holiness
Mother Most Amiable
Miraculous Mother
Merciful Mother
Mother of Divine Mercy
Mother of Hope
Mother of Compassion
Mother of Mexico
Mother of the Americas
Mother of All
Patroness of the Unborn
Health of the Sick
Mystical Rose
Woman of the Apocalypse (Revelation 12)
Star of the New Evangelization
Advent Companion and Guide
Fountain of our joy
Sweetest Consolation
Immaculate Princess
Lady Resplendent with Kindness
Lady from Heaven
Sweetest Lady
Humblest Lady
Humble Servant of the Most High
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Queen of Apostles
Queen of Peace

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, Maria of Guadalupe
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord God, unto us Thy servants, that we may rejoice in continual health of mind and body; and, by the glorious
intercession of Blessed Mary ever Virgin, may be delivered from present sadness, and enter into the joy of Thine eternal gladness.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Jesus living in Mary,
come live in your servants!

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