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Marriage definition defenders

So who watched the GOP debate on Thursday when Gov. Mike Huckabee was questioned about his affirming Ephesians 5–“wives submit to their husbands”? He gets props for the great answer–it was a very well used opportunity to defend the sanctity of marriage! Check it out:

This week the Catholic bishops of Maryland issued a statement on marriage called Marriage in Maryland: Securing the Foundation of Family and Society. The foundation. If the foundation’s not secure the building goes down. The attacks on marriage and family that are, sadly, so prevalent, are attacks on society itself. The bishops exhort all Catholics and all people of common sense to secure the foundation:

The institution of marriage today faces unprecedented judicial and legislative challenges. While the Maryland Court of Appeals last fall upheld the existing state law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, it also noted that the state’s elected lawmakers can change the definition of marriage if they wish to do so. Bills designed to do just that are now being considered in Annapolis. Between now and the April conclusion of the legislative session, it is imperative that the Catholic faithful and all those who value marriage speak out and affirm the essential role that marriage plays in our society.

No legislative debate should prevent us from recognizing profound truths about men and women: They have equal dignity as persons, and are mutually complementary as male and female. Nor should it keep us from grasping the truth about marriage: It comes about when a man and a woman make a mutual, exclusive, and lifelong gift of themselves to one another in order to bring about a union that is personally fulfilling, open to the procreation and upbringing of children, and necessary to the formation of a stable and secure foundation for our society.

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