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Giant Victory

It was an amazing game, Superbowl XLII! Nothing short of David and Goliath. The Patriots went in totally undefeated, 18-0. The Giants were the underdogs–they were “not supposed to” win. David was the least likeliest to slay the immense, nearly invincible Philistine.

In the 4th Quarter with about 2 minutes left, the Giants needed to score a touchdown (they were down by 4). Their QB Eli Manning was about to fall, sacked it seemed…but then he broke free and threw a deep pass that helped them win. “I won’t back down”. Seconds later, he fired at the WR Plaxico Burress for the game-winning touchdown!

It was an awesome metaphor for the spiritual life’s struggle: hold your ground against the gates of hell for nothing is impossible with God!

2 thoughts on “Giant Victory”

  1. Awesome insight to the spiritual life! Many in the NFL world ridiculed Eli Manning. He evolved from the goofy little brother that just couldn’t seem to do it right, and now he is triumphant.. in a sense. HOWEVER, I think it might be important to… ahem.. mention that while you are happy to see the Giants take the trophy and beat the Patriots (who have a classless coach), you are not a Giants “fan.” We bleed BURGANDY AND GOLD- and in fact, you ate guacamole out of a revered ‘skins helmet!!!!! Just a little clarification for your readers.. 🙂

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