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St. Joseph’s Example to me

Just a few words on St. Joseph…the Church moved his feast to today (3/15/08) because March 19 falls on Holy Week this year.

He was a great patron for me during my retreat and i want to imitate him now more than ever!

The things about St. Joseph that i have come to be inspired by:

Fidelity to doing God’s Will and trusting that He’ll provide everything needed to accomplish it.

The way he loved and served Jesus and Mary: St. Joseph was a man truly devoted as father to Jesus and husband to Mary!

His deep faith that Mary’s vow of virginity was intact although she appeared pregnant!

The purity of St. Joseph: the spiritual writer Jacob of Serug (5th Century) wrote that Joseph looked on the Blessed Virgin “as the high priest looks on the Holy of Holies”

He died between Jesus and Mary!

St. Joseph, Terror of demons, pray for us!

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