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Pope John Paul II: 3rd Anniversary since death


Pope JPII was the Divine Mercy Pope—he canonized St. Faustina and declared the 2nd Sunday after Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday. He died on April 2nd 2005, which was the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday!He inspired me to give my life to Christ with the words “Open Wide the Doors to Christ!” In the year 2000, the Great Jubilee Year, the Pope encouraged me to do just that.

Once someone, a non-Christian, mockingly told me “the Pope is your hero”. Back then I denied it. 2000 beyond, I openly acknowledge “Pope JPII was/is my hero!”

His witness, his courage, his heroism in suffering inspired me very much. “Be Not Afraid!” I need to think of him more often.

The love he had for the Virgin Mother was also something that I want to imitate. “Totus Tuus” He was all hers and all that he had was hers.

Please for me, dear readers, through the intercession of the Servant of God Pope John Paul the Great.

JPII we love you.

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  1. awesome post. awesome photo. I went running yesterday evening and thought of him. I imagined him waving his hand at me, saying “coraggio! coraggio!!” He is closer to us now than ever before. Papa Giovanni Paulo, pray for us!

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