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Labor Day ’08

Today is Labor Day. It’s a day to honor our mothers for all the time it took for them to give birth to us…

what’s that you say? Oh…right…it’s the day to honor workers and work. Ah but lets not underestimate the work that mothers engage in. It is real work indeed.

Work is a good thing, from the beginning. It is only after the Fall that it has taken on difficulty. There is great value in work. It is a real cooperation in the creative work of God and so it is endowed with dignity. We’re serving God as well as man when we work, when we do it well and offer it to Him. If we unite our work to the work of Christ our labors become powerful and can help even to save the world.

Rabbis and doctors of the law all had another trade. St. Paul was a tent-maker. There is no room for laziness in the Christian life.

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