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Was sick for a little while

I think it may have been politics…something about the economy…election day and a debate…something like that. “And you were in it…and you…and…”

I just got my tracheostomy tube changed this week. It’s a bloody (no pun intended) ‘walk-in’ procedure that consists of having the tube that helps me breathe yanked out of my neck and having a new one shoved in it’s place before the hole closes up. Thankfully it’s done at the hospital by my pulmonogist every 6 months. Sometimes it takes alot out of me, as it did on Wednesday.

Being sick has ups and downs. I had time to reflect upon the fact that God took the form of a slave and suffered for us…freely choosing to! and that i could join my suffering to His–that it might be for “the life of the world”.

No fever today so i thought i would post.

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