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Catholics and Obama

Obama should ‘pick up the phone’ in U.S.-Vatican relations, John Allen says

Mr. John Allen gives great advice to Mr. Obama. I hope Obama maintains far better relations with the Vatican than Clinton’s disgraceful treatment. As of writing this post, the President-elect has already returned the Pope’s congratulations via phone.

Cardinal O’Malley laments president-elect’s ‘deplorable’ abortion record

The Cardinal put it well and balanced.

Knights of Columbus congratulate Obama, celebrate pro-marriage votes

The Knights of Columbus represent!

Vatican cardinal says Obama embryonic stem cell policy change ‘good for nothing’

I hope the Obama administration takes real note of this and averts a serious waste of money that could otherwise be spent more profitably. There have been no real cures, as the cardinal points out, with embryonic stem cells. Recent advances with adult and umbilical cord stem cells  show much potential and have resulted in cures.

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