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Thanksgiving ’08


I think that is what I’m most thankful to God for… and least I’d like to be.  There was a quote that I recently read  in the CatholicCity e-mail message that really struck me:

“I’ll tell you what I’m grateful for: everything. Every breath, every bite, every thought, every pain, every friend, every act of love, every sublimely appropriate pleasure, every ocean sound or cornfield view, hungry or full, every stormy and sunny day, and every single thing that has every happened to me, good or bad, remembered or forgotten, in the faithfilled succor of belief, that God made me and has kept me alive to experience the certainties and mysteries of this amazing place, this awesome world, this sweet earth, seen and unseen, as a Catholic man.”

-Joseph S. Wood

I’m thankful for life because there were several times I almost lost it and didn’t… crossing a busy street as a little kid with no one around,  choking on my food a few times (lifesavers 2x, roast beef 1x), having my lungs give on me, and today when he house was being vacuumed (the sound was almost deafening) and my trach tube connector got disconnected… thanks be to God that mom felt the panicked shouting!

And because I have life right now on this earth… I am able, if I want to cooperate with God’s grace freely given to me, to attain life eternally.  I can live forever: i can see His face in a state of perpetual happiness and joy because i was given existence.

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