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The people have spoken… the dignity of marriage was upheld.

There were a few great surprises this election,  such as the fact that Obama winning states like Florida and California voted to uphold the dignity of marriage as it is supposed to be–the union between one man and one woman.

Florida’s ballot had on it a state constitutional amendment protecting the definition of marriage. It needed a  60% majority of votes to pass.  And pass it did.

California’s Supreme Court had decided in May that marriage could be between two people of the same sex.  It’s kind of like deciding to overturn the laws of gravity. Anyway, on November 4,  the people of California destroyed the court’s decision by voting to eliminate same-sex “marriage”. The power of the people prevailed over the corruption of the judicial activists.

People have common sense and if they were just a little bit more informed on issues like abortion, the election itself might have had a different outcome.

In Arizona “same-sex marriage” was banned as well.

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