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Marian apparition in utero!

Since January is pro-life month (specially dedicated as such) i wanted to get this story in:

Every morning I like to hear EWTN’s daily broadcast of he Holy Mass. Today’s homily really grabbed my attention. Father Joseph shared an amazing true story that he received from a deacon:

There was a woman at the church one day, weeping. The deacon approached her and asked her what was wrong. She said the she was pregnant with twins, a girl and a boy: there was a problem with the girl that would cause her to be naturally aborted which would cause the healthy boy twin to die as well. The mother of course wanted her babies to live. And so the deacon asked if he could pray over her. He also got some of the women in the church who were there, to pray for her.  Two years later he got a letter from the mother who joyfully informed him that the babies were born healthy and are now 2 ½ years old. The mother went on to speak of an incident that had just occurred:

The little boy, Kevin, goes around with a statue of our Lady much like most kids with a blanket or a teddy bear. One day as he is watching cartoons, his sister takes the statue… their mother tells her to put it back, “that is your brother’s statue”. Kevin responds “oh that’s okay, Mary said she wanted to watch TV with us”. To this the little girl, Colleen, says,  “She can’t talk to you”.” Yes she can”. Colin asks, “When did she talk to you?”. “Remember when you were really sick she used to hold us and sing to us?” And the mother overhearing this conversation asks, “ How did she hold you? Did she hold you as your sister is holding the statue now?” Kevin responds “No she held us in her fingers”. Than their mother asked, “What did she sing?” Kevin says, “Alleluia, alleluia”. “What was she wearing? “. “She was beautiful, dressed in white and covered with tiny lights”.

The mother, who had been journaling the entire pregnancy, upon hearing these things ran to the journal and immediately opened it to the entry of the day that the deacon prayed with her. She realized that she had spoken these words to the Blessed Virgin–I’m paraphrasing here: “if it is God’s will that these children live, may it be done! if it is God’s will to take them, i ask you to keep them for them for me until we are reunited in heaven”

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