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A Wooden Horse Called Economic Stimulus

The stimulus bill that President Obama just signed today really scares me…

It just seems to be a hasty quick fix. Worse–it appears a be trojan horse:

There are things in the bill, hiding, that many people do not know about. It’s 1,000 pages! Last week the objectors of the bill were pretty much told to “shut up…we need to fix the economy immediately…stop delaying”. Sure, we are all told something about transparency, that there is a web site where taxpayers can track where the money goes and what it’s being used for. When i visited the official website www.recovery.gov on Saturday there was nothing on it. It’s up now but the stimulus has already passed.

In the name of fixing the economy what might be sneaked in? In his first press conference the other night,  President Obamba openly mentioned the following:

[…]We know that health care is crippling businesses and making us less competitive as well as breaking the banks of families all across America, and part of the reason is we’ve got the most inefficient health care system imaginable. We’re still using paper — we’re still filing things in triplicate. Nurses can’t read the prescriptions that doctors have written out. Why wouldn’t we want to put that on an electronic medical record that will reduce error rates, reduce our long-term cost of health care, and create jobs right now?

This electronic medical record can be read by any medical professional anywhere… including those you don’t even know. And it will be perceptible for hacking.  But that’s not all, there is talk about the government regulating health care. Please read this Bloomberg news commentary—pretty scary indeed. Anyone can be deemed unworthy to receive certain medicines or procedures simply because they have reached a certain age. If that happens, this country is doomed to collapse entirely.

GOD help us. Be merciful to us. Rouse us from our stupor.

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