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Persecutions and attacks on the Church and society during Lent

It seems that during Lent the devil is sure to rear his ugly face. Just a few years ago news was released about shepherds who guilty of preying on the sheep– anattack from withinit was during Lent. just as he did when There are so many things are happening all at once around us—attacks at almost every level of society.  It seems that these things happen right in the open during Lent.

Federal money going towards destruction of human embryos– and we’re supposed to be an economic crisis,  the imminent threat of the freedom of choice act especially on Catholic hospitals thanks to the Catholic in wolf’s clothing that the president handpicked,   obscene mockeries at Catholic universities in the name of diversity and tolerance, the attempted attack on the leadership of the Catholic Church in Connecticut, the Pope relentlessly attacked over things like condoms and Holocaust deniers (I recently read the most heartfelt letter from Pope Benedict XVI on that matter) and who knows what else…

There is nothing surprising about it all.  The Lord Jesus said before he was crucified: “if the world hates you know that it hated me first… but do not be afraid… I have conquered the world” (cf. John 15, 16) . May the Passion of Christ strengthen us!

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