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President Obama’s unfortunate diss.

Something i wanted to do with this blog was to give brief commentary on current events… But sometimes I want to say so much that one of two things usually happens: 1. I can’t even get a word because I think that my post should be essay length. 2. My post becomes an essay.

I’m really going to give it a try right now and make it very brief.

President Obama was on the late-night TV show with Jay Leno–what the heck is a president doing on an entertainment show anyway– when he made his unfortunate joke dissing his bowling ability with the words ” it was like the special Olympics or something”.  When I first read about it I didn’t think that much of it but when I actually saw him say it I took offense.   As someone  with a disability I thought about it this way: if my friend were on TV and he said that kind of thing, I would be very hurt. Basically the idea of the joke was: “i suck at this like I belong at the special Olympics”. A president said something like that?! Wow.

He apologized as he should obviously.

Just a few days ago he was saying something about wanting to help people with disabilities by his lifting the federal ban on embryonic stem cell research–“research” which does more harm than good anyway. Right now I think that if somebody with a disability requested the president to look into ethical and effective stem cell research (research that neither takes life nor wastes money)–he might listen as a way of making amends for his ‘joke’…

“Where sin abounds grace abounds even more…”

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