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4/15 Archbishop Dolan’s Installation as “Parish Priest of New York”

I’m happy that Archbishop Timothy Dolan is the new Shepherd of the Church in New York… I’m sure that my sister certainly is happy about it! He is on fire with the Love of God and you can see it in the way he imbues Christian¬† joy. It’s contagious.

‘What Dolan Taught‘ his student Fr. Raymond J. de Souza about joy.

Archbishop Dolan invites New Yorkers to open their hearts to Christ at last night’s Solemn Vespers, the Church of NY praying together with their new Archbishop.

At his first NY press meeting Archbishop Dolan promises not to sidestep controversial issues.

The Installation of Archbishop Dolan is a blessing for the entire Church!

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  1. Harold,

    Happy Easter! I have made my way to your website via your beautiful interview in the most recent newletter of the Sisters of Life.

    Please do email me — there has to be some solidarity here… my sister is Sister John Mary.

    [email address]

    Warmest regards — Rachael

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