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St. George

Today is the feast of St. George, soldier and martyr! He was born in Palestine of Christian parents and died (tortured and beheaded) in 304 AD at Lydda, Palestine. A shrine was built there for his relics.

He is a powerful saint, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. I love the story that is told of him slaying the dragon: There was a fierce dragon who took down whole armies and demanded sheep and maidens from local villages as food. One day a princess was to be eaten. St. George happened to be passing through when he heard this and decided to face the dragon in battle.  He made the sign of the cross and killed the dragon with his lance.  The local people were converted. The King of the land gave St. George a large reward, which he distributed to the poor before riding off.

Good defeats evil.

As I was looking through FlickR for images of St. George I came across some really cool statues of him including one entitled Good defeats evil, located at the UN gardens.  Saint George defeats the dragon with a crucifix topped lance.  It was a gift from the former Soviet Union. The dragon is made of chopped up Soviet and American missiles!  Here is the page:

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