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Purchase Responsibly

I’ve been hunting for the lowest price on some graphic design software… Adobe Creative Suite 4 upgrade. The retail value is $699 until August 31 when it goes back up to $799. And we’re talking about the upgrade (from Creative Suite 2). The full version is $1200… something like that. Not cheap. Just the other day I saw the upgrade I was looking for on sale@Amazon.com for $599. Unfortunately it’s selling for $699 now. Instead of purchasing it when I saw the low price, I foolishly waited and looked for a lower price. I did not follow through. I did not prudently take the opportunity that God presented before me. God knows what we need even when it is a material good. Not that God is some kind of slot machine who gives us whatever we want whenever we want it just because we want it. I’m talking about when we need something in order to fulfill our duties in our state of life. (God wills that we do everything that we do to the best of our ability) He wants us to be vigilant in being materially responsible and in guarding ourselves from the greed of unbridled materialism.

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