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Essays, Nobel peace prizes, and Anglicans

It’s been a real long time since I actually posted more than one paragraph to this blog.

I have been busy with my English 101 class. As some of you know, I am taking some undergraduate classes with a view towards a BA in Theology, God willing. Anyway, I have been brushing up on my writing and critical reading skills.

Already I’ve written two essays, one of which is still in rough draft format. The first essay was a narrative on a personal experience that I had. The topic was about the consequences of being forced into religious practice. It was based on Mr. Langston Hughes’s essay Salvation in which he gives his experience of losing faith because he was forced into accepting Christ. My thesis was a complete opposite of this. I wrote about how being “forced” into accepting spiritual direction was the best thing that ever happened to me because it increased my faith by leaps and bounds. I hope to share a link to this essay very soon.

The second essay that I’ve written is a comparison-contrast essay on procrastinators versus non-procrastinators. This was very appropriate for me to write about since I have tendencies towards procrastination — as some of the readers of this blog can easily surmise. I also hope to share this essay as well — heck I could share all of them here.

I had wanted to write a little bit about current events that are happening in the United States as well as around the world. The first item was about the fact that our president received the Nobel peace prize. I was totally stunned when I heard that Pres. Obama had received this distinguished honor. I just can’t figure out what he did. I mean everybody knows why Mother Teresa got the Nobel Peace Prize. My question is what did our President to deserve such an honor? Talking about peace is well and good but the President didn’t do anything — not yet anyway. Moreover, the president wages war on unborn children in their mothers wombs… I seem to recall that Mother Teresa said the greatest cause of nuclear war today is abortion. Anyway, I think Mr. Obama should have turned it down. It would have been quite the noble thing to do.

Another event is the Pope’s invitation to Anglicans who are not happy with the state of affairs in the Anglican Communion to enter into the Catholic Church. Traditional Anglicans have actually talked the Pope about simplifying the process for them to enter. It’s estimated that around 400,000 Anglicans including priests and bishops will take the Pope up on his offer. Married Anglican priests have the option to seek Catholic priesthood once they enter the Church. Just a parenthetical reiteration — married men can, under certain circumstances, become Catholic priests but Catholic priests can never get married.

Well that’s all I really had right now. I’m going to work on assignment for my class now.

God bless.

PS: please continue to pray for abortion free healthcare for all.

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