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Epiphany 2010

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

The Magi, stargazers from Persia, sought the King whom the brilliant star pointed to. They followed the star which led to a house in Palestine where a little child sat on his mother’s lap. They literally saw the Light—the Infant King, the Sun of Justice, God come down into the world. The Light of the World has been revealed…

A week before Christmas I found myself in the shadows cast by the difficulties of earthly existence. I was tempted to despair, and depression threatened to paralyze me. In my miserable state I longed for my deliverance…I was in genuine anticipation for Christmas. The Mystery of Christmas gives me reason for hope: The Eternal God has leapt down from heaven, assumed a human nature in the womb of one of his creatures, and was born into our poverty so I could be reborn to share in his Divinity—unto eternity. And on that day that never ends, I will have a resurrected body free of defect and distress.

So I rejoice with Magi, basking in the radiance of the Light of the World who changes us into himself, into light bearers. Like the Magi, I find the Christ Child with his Mother. May she accept the gift of myself as a present to my God, Priest and King. Holy Mother of God, you are the star who we must follow until we behold the face of God—pray for us and guide us on the Way.

Adoration of the Magi

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