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Why did God permit the earthquake?

The utter devastation and loss of life caused by the earthquake in Haiti incites the inevitable question: why? Some people, like Pat Robertson, have rather idiotic explanations as to why these things happen: “well, the people (the founding fathers of Haiti) made a pact with the devil and now he comes with payback.” By the way, there is no historical evidence of such a pact — rather, there is evidence to the contrary.  So, why do these natural disasters occur? And why would God allow these things to happen?  The short answer is, it is a mystery.  However, we can understand something of the mystery… these disasters are sure to naturally occur because we live in a fallen world. God permits these disasters only because He brings a greater good of them.

One may ask, “what good can come out of this tragedy; just watch the news.” It is definitely painful to behold the suffering that is happening in Haiti. But can any good come out of it? Haiti, a country that was largely ignored by its wealthy neighbors is now the recipient of such an outpouring of love. There are so many good people reaching out to their needy brothers and sisters. The country will be built up better than it was before the earthquake. I do not mean to trivialize the suffering of the Haitian people…this is the only explanation to the question “why?”  God is closer to them now more than ever. Ours is a God Who suffers with his people. Members of the One Body of Christ need to continue praying for their fellow Members who have entered into the Passion.

I read a very inspiring and hope filled message on the Catholic Relief Services’ website. Please check it out. Additionally, here is an article about how Haitians celebrated Sunday services and Masses with heroic faith.

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