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Quick & Important Thoughts on the Annunciation and Immigration

Haven’t posted on here “for a quick minute.” I always wanted to say type that.

There is much that has been happening in the US and the world but I have not found time to post. God willing I will share my thoughts on these events soon. For right now, however, I will share something that has been on my mind for quite some time—but before I do that, it is good to think about the Great mystery celebrated today: the Annunciation.

A brilliant ray of hope shone into our dark world when an angel saluted a Jewish maiden, announcing that she would conceive the Eternal God in her womb! The Virgin Mary said yes and brought forth the Light that lays wreck to sin and death! This is the foundation for our hope and the reason for our celebration today.

(The Annunciation is on March the 25th—9 days before December 25… it’s a special feast day for the Sisters of Life.)

Today my family and I went to the American immigration lawyers lobby day in DC. Why? Well…

One of my second cousins — a brilliant high school student in the National Honors Society — is in the United States without documentation. He came here with his parents when he was only one. His parents were recently deported to South Asia and he was granted a stay order until July so that he could graduate from high school. Unfortunately, homeland security will punish him for breaking immigration laws when he was a year old! That is simply crazy!

The immigration system is in shambles and it needs to be reformed; it should especially administer justice to children in my cousin’s situation. We were invited to immigration lobby day by a sincerely helpful immigration attorney. My cousin got to speak with our Senator and his staff. After this event it appears that there is in a glimmer of hope.

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