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Spy Wednesday

We are in the midst of the holiest and greatest week of the year. Holy Week is actually entering into the week of redemption which occurred (a little more than) 2000 years ago.  It began on Sunday when Our Lord Jesus entered triumphantly into Jerusalem, the Holy City. Many of those who, with palm branches in hand, initially hailed him as king with the words “Hosanna to the Son of David!” would later cry out “Crucify him… we have no king but Caesar!”

Today we enter into to that day when Judas, one of the 12, plots against Jesus and intends to hand him over to Jewish authorities for 30 pieces of silver. He betrays his friend, the One with whom he spent three years, witnessing signs pointing to his very Divinity!  Judas lost his faith: when Jesus announces that one of the 12 will betray him, they all ask “is it I, Lord?”  except for the betrayer who asks “is it I, Rabbi?” Judas has reduced Jesus to nothing more than a teacher, a good man.

It is important to consider this betrayal because it continues even to this day. Just this month we have heard of more satanic,  sickening abuses perpetrated by priests of all people! These men follow in the footsteps of the son of perdition, namely, Judas.

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