Defending the Faith


The great Feastday of Easter or Pascha is so great that it is a day that lasts for a whole week. It is an echo of Heaven, the day that lasts forever.

I’ve been feasting by checking out videos posted by friends and listening to music on YouTube…  however,  I tend to get carried away, spending time that could be used more productively (moderation is key) so I thought I would write a substantial post about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For all Christians, the Resurrection is the foundation for our faith.  Ours is not a faith that puts faith in faith, rather, we put our faith in the historically attested Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Without the Resurrection, our faith is in vain. St. Paul says that if the resurrection did not occur, we are the most pitiable of all creatures. I recently heard the one about a so-called Christian teacher or leader: “I believe that Jesus rose from the dead—even if they found his bones, i’d still believe!” That guy’s faith would be reduced to a stupid waste of time if such a discovery were to be made! The fact is, such a discovery will never be made because Christ *has* been physically raised from the dead! People saw, heard, and touched him.

It is recorded that those who beheld the Risen Christ did not expect to see him alive! On Easter Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene wept before an empty tomb thinking that the body had been moved! That evening, two disciples on the road to Emmaus were so depressed that they couldn’t even recognize Jesus when he met up with them! Evidently, these first witnesses were so overwhelmed by grief by the crucifixion that they forgot that his words prophesying that he would rise. When they did actually recognize him, they could hardly contain their joy and ran to share the good news with their brethren.

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