Watched the movie AD (miniseries from 1985 on DVD) yet again, this time w/ my nurse. It never ceases to move me, reminding me of the victory of the Father’s Love Incarnate through the spread of the Gospel. I try to watch the movie during the Easter Season right before Pentecost.

Every time, I am amazed by the conversion of St. Paul and how the same man, filled with the Holy Spirit, spread Jesus wherever he went. God raised up a zealous, well-educated Jew to teach the faith effectively; and a Roman citizen on top of that—a passport into the whole known world!

Rome was the capital of the world at the time; its empire streched into Asia, Africa, and Europe. It was fitting that God would use the Roman Empire to His advantage; Christianity spread into the far reaches of the Empire. In AD, St. Peter tells the man who would suceed him as Pope, Linus, that God led him to Rome: “it has to be here, in Rome.” This was where Sts. Peter and Paul built up the Church and were martyred.

The Light, Love, overtook the darkness and cast it out.

(to be continued…)

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