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Just shine.

Well, it’s been a “quick minute” since i posted anything. It’s not that i have nothing to say, it’s just that I’m… lazy. But, no more—I intend to post *something* at least  every week even if it tortures me.

Recently my sister, Sr. Grace, visited for a few hours. Although it went by before we knew it, the time spent was not in vain: Before she left, Sr. Grace shared a passage from the writings of  Blessed Mother Teresa contained in the book Come Be My Life… it had to do with suffering—uniting it to Christ’s, and the power which flows from suffering. The next day, the readings at Mass reflected the need to let one’s light shine. And what is the connection? A week before my sister’s visit, my family and I went to one of the convents of the Missionaries of Charity (Gift of Peace, with a home for AIDS patients whom the sisters care for). Anyway, we went to the convent to meet one of the sisters who gave me a lot of encouragement and reminded me to unite my sufferings with Jesus on the cross. Despite all of my limitations, suffering is something I could do: “remember, when Jesus was nailed to the cross he couldn’t move.”

Events of recent days reawakened spiritual awareness and desire to do the will of God… to shine with the Light,  to be a lamp through which Christ shines…  my mission is to just BE.  But this means doing the duties of my current state of life, duties which might include blogging as a means of sharing my experience with others who would benefit. So, to conclude, God evidently wants me to continue writing… if I do not use the graces He has given me than I’m in danger of losing them through spiritual atrophy.

I’ll be back like my name’s Arnold.

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