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Please pray for one of my nurses–it doesn’t look good.

As you, my readers, know, i require home-health nurses to assist me during the day and at night. Since i’ve been on a ventilator for 6 years now, many nurses have come and gone; over time, some become friends. I have learned some very sad news about one of my friends: the night shift nurse who has been assisting me from the time tracheostomy tubing and ventilators were new for me, is in a diabetic coma. I was also informed that he suffered a sudden stroke that left him blind and paralyzed on one side. It’s truly shocking because he seemed so healthy.

Mr. C, as i’ll call him here, is in his early 60s and is a Vietnam vet–for six years he practically never missed a shift; once, he even pitched camp for three days at my house during a blizzard–nobody else would have done that. Because he had the time, he would even accompany my family and i when we traveled to New York to visit my sister–a very big help as you can imagine. We’ve had several interesting conversations on a wide variety of topics; he always asked me what i thought about the particular issue. In short, the man treated me like a son.

Please pray for him and his family. I don’t know what to do right now other than pray. God can do anything.

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