Who am I?

2011 has begun.

Happy new year! It is 2011, and the continuation of year 33 for me: It is time for me to become a better person and to get started on my mission. I have several goals for this year, all of them involve being faithful to God’s grace:

To keep writing, prolifically; to work on my website that will incorporate my graphic design work; to maintain an orderly, generalized schedule of prayer, work, study and recreation; to be more thoughtful and prayerful. In a word,  I wish to share all that I have and all that I am with everyone I encounter this year.

It’s a working list right now. I know I can’t accomplish these or any other goals by myself. God’s grace is required. All I need to do is to cooperate with grace and for that I need grace. Fortunately, the year starts with promise: January 1 is always the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God… she will help me to receive the grace I need to accomplish everything I need to accomplish this year. I’m going to have her be with me as I embark on my journey through 2011 and the rest of my life.  Dear Holy Virgin, chosen by our Creator to be his mother, through you I have received Life,  through you I wish to live it to the fullest. I have work to do.

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