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American Not-so-Idle

I don’t watch American Idol but neither do I live under a rock. Two contestants caught my attention some time ago, not because I think that they’re pretty–lol, only one of them is, the girl, duh–but because of their voices and especially because of their stories. Paris Tassin is a single mother who has a daughter who was born with hydrocephalus, water on the brain. Pregnant at 18, Paris chose life and is grateful for her little girl. Here’s the clip. And then there is Chris Medina, from Chicago: he takes care of his fiancĂ©e, Juliana who was severely brain damaged in a car accident. Chris is nothing less than heroic in being there for his fiancee; that is authentic love. He even brought Juliana to the audition to meet the judges. It was awesome to see their positivity toward her. Although they were eliminated, I’m glad that these courageous young people made it as Hollywood.

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