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Egypt Revolution and Christians

new billboards on ring road in cairo

What has happened in Egypt yesterday is truly amazing: the now former president Mubarak actually resigned 18 days after Egyptians peacefully took to the streets en masse to protest his 30 year dictatorship. The night it seemed that Mubarak was resolved to be in power until the new elections in September! The crowds of Egyptian people, mobilized by Facebook and other social media outlets, were relentless in their revolution for democracy… it was inspiring to see the people unite, bring down obstacles with nonviolent protest, and celebrate freedom. Their celebration in Tahir Square kind of reminded me, as if an echo, of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Egypt still faces challenges. Freedom is a good thing provided that it is true freedom that respects human dignity, serving the good of the human person. So, now it remains for the Egyptians to elect the right leader and ensure proper regulation of government for future generations. If a member of a terrorist organization were to gain power, the people power protest would have been in vain. I should hope that the recent prayerful unity of Egyptian Muslims and Christians lasts, ensuring stability. Here is an interesting article I just read about the reaction of Coptic Christians to yesterday’s events; they are cautiously optimistic that the new government will respect its fellow Egyptians.

We need to pray for the people of Egypt; St. Mark the Apostle, pray for us!

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