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Vigil of Our Lady of Lourdes

Truth be told, I don’t feel like writing. It’s cold and I’m tired. I really don’t have the interest to write a blog post right now, the very thought induces me to shudder and yawn uncontrollably; however I will write anyway because I must. You see, tomorrow is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes–It’s the day when more than 150 years ago, the Mother of God appeared to a humble child, Bernadette, in France and ushered a great renewal of faith and miracles; it’s because of February 11, 1858 that I am writing this post.

During the course of 18 days in 1858, beginning on February 11, young St. Bernadette of Lourdes, France, was given messages from Heaven which impact my life personally, today. Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin requested a Shrine for pilgrims to come to and adore her Son. In addition, she instructed St. Bernadette to unearth a miraculous, healing spring of water. (Incidentally, it is not the water itself, but rather, it is the faith with which it is applied that results in healing.) It was in those waters of Lourdes in 2000 where I was healed by the Son of the Virgin.

I still have muscular dystrophy, I still suffer; however, after Lourdes, I am able to accept and live with my physical disability. I have joy and peace. Sometimes, I have days when I’m feeling down; but I still believeā€¦ I believe that God created me for a reason and that he knows why he allows me to suffer. This knowledge makes life worth living. Just today, I was watching part of an Indian movie–the name escapes me–about a man, a quadriplegic who [thinks he] wants to die because he doesn’t realize what he has.

This life is hard, but as St. Bernadette was promised, there will be happiness, eternal, everlasting happiness, in the next.

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