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Nine months before Christmas, God was conceived in the womb of one of his creatures! Jesus Christ is God Incarnate–God the Word with permanent human flesh. He is the proof of God’s love for weak human beings.

Imagine if Almighty God, fully sufficient in His Triune Essence, said, “I can do all things: I, who created the Universe ex nihilo, can even become a man without ceasing to be God–moreover, I will do this to show the depths of my love and to prove my power and incomparable generosity even to death on a cross.” Now imagine if God said, “I can do all things but I won’t become a man because it is beneath me to do so.” What would that say about God? It diminishes his goodness and limits it. But because God is love and mercy itself, he created a perfect woman and asked her, in the fullness of time, if she would be his mother! What humility!

The humility of God baffled the devil. It’s like unassuming hobbits destroying the ring of sauron when it was the last thing he expected–sauron didn’t even know what hit him! March 25…

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