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A Saint with a jokebook

Hey everybody, back with another post. Today is/was the Feast of St. Philip Neri, one of my newer patron Saints. Today’s Saint founded the religious community known as Oratorians and with great missionary zeal helped to re-evangelize Rome of the 16th century. St. Philip was a joyful dude because he believed in God’s great love for him, especially made manifest in the cross of Christ.  It was the burning furnace of charity, the heart of Christ that replaced his, that was the source of his  cheerfulness and joy. And his joy was infectious, people were drawn to him–they wanted to listen to what he had to say about the Way. He participated in wine drinking contests and pulled pranks on himself, for example shaving half of his beard off in all humility to win souls over for the kingdom of God.  He was humorous saint as the German poet Goethe called him. It is said that his two favorite books were Bible and book of jokes. For love and joy have the same source.

Morning prayer of St. Philip Neri:

“O Lord, keep Thy hand this day over Philip, if Thou do not, Philip will betray Thee.”

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