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The significance of watching World Youth Day 2011

World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain is officially underway. I’m happy to be able to participate by watching live coverage and taped material on EWTN and on www.wydcentral.org. Discovering that website was exciting for me because it’ll be broadcasting live from the Love and Life Center, an English-speaking venue sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and the Sisters of Life. So not only will I get to see events that I might otherwise have missed, I may even get to see my sister. ¬†It is important for me to watch World Youth Day as a participant‚Ķ you see, according to the European usage of the word youth I’m still a youth only up until the next world youth day (when I’d be 36)! And not only will I watch this awesome event that Woodstock’s got nothin’ on, I’ll be praying along using the same prayerbook that the young pilgrims will be using.

Peace out and thanks for reading.

(Check out the Love and Live blog written by the Sisters of Life)

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