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WYD is awesome

It is evening in Madrid. The Pope will shortly be making his way to the prayer vigil with youth–one of highlights of WYD. I’m definitely watching this; I’m taking in everything I can. Yesterday I watched the Stations of the Cross. Pilgrims from Iraq, Rwanda, and mentally disabled youth, among other young people, carried the cross from each station depicted by life-sized statues. Right now I’m watching scenes of the Pope at the St. Jose Foundation for Disabled Youth. Pope Benedict just met youth with various disabilities. Beautiful. I’ll be sharing his words on suffering and human dignity. Are the few protesters watching/listening? Much good is coming from this event.

I heard that it is estimated that 2 million pilgrims will be in attendance at the vigil. They will be there for Christ even to the point of camping out on a field until tomorrow’s Mass. That is awesome. Spain is a Catholic country after all.

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