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Chains of Freedom

When i was younger i thought praying the family rosary was sheer torture. I dreaded those evenings when my mother would gather us as around the living-room to pray the rosary. To me, the prayer seemed too long and burdensome. That was because i didn’t really get it; i was under the impression that it was merely a repetition of vocal prayers. It was only as i began reading Scripture and learning more about the Catholic faith that I realized that the Rosary was a body and soul prayer, the body being the vocal prayers and the soul being the meditation on the life of Christ. Consequently, the rosary became vividly alive and ceased being difficult the more i found myself contemplating the accounts of the Lord Jesus and his holy mother… and that is when it became liberating.

The Gospel on a string allows me to behold the life of the Liberator and to actually experience it–to assimilate it and incorporate Christ into every aspect of my life. If I am called to be a Christian it means I am to live Christ… and in order to do this I need to put on his mind and ask for his help to imitate him by way of praying the rosary. Praying the rosary is beholding Christ with the eyes of his mother, the human closest to him.

Individuals and societies have been transformed by this little prayer… today is the day when the Christian fleet defeated the Turks in 1571 due to the spiritual power that flows from the holy Rosary. it is really no wonder that St. Pio referred to Hehis rosary as his weapon.

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