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Christopher Hitchens and Evolution

I pray that the Great God has mercy on the soul of Christopher Hitchens; may he rest in peace. Admittedly, i didn’t know much about the man other than the fact that was notorious for his atheism: he spoke and wrote extensively against religion and belief in the supernatural and even went so far as to criticize (condemn) Mother Teresa. Many times have i heard his name and now, sadly, I hear that he passed. Prayers for the consolation of his family.

Just today, i read an article in which a Vatican Cardinal wished for chance to speak with Hitchens. If i had a chance to sit down and chat with the man, i know we would inevitably talk about suffering. What else? We would have surely discussed the theory of evolution and i should hope that i would bring up theistic evolution–as a Catholic i hold that, if evolution is true, it does not contradict my Faith. It strikes me that since God is outside of time everything he does is instantaneous; if we were to behold Creation, while remaining creatures limited to time, we could have seen a drawn out, very “slow” process—evolution. I was just given this idea and would share it Hitchens if given the opportunity.

Regardless, he knows the Truth now…

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