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The Dawn of Liberation

We were never intended to experience the fallenness that envelops and penetrates us. Thanks to the disobedience original first couple that we name Adam and Eve, all of us have inherited a broken world due to a serious deprivation of life and love. Adam and Eve basically opened the door to a flowing filth of nothingness called sin and death;  Today’s the day that God stemmed off the tide and provided the possibility to reverse the auto- curse referred to in the West as original sin. When Jesus Christ died on the cross he defeated the power of sin and the devil and killed the power of death. At the moment of his death, when his side was pierced a life-giving flow of what we were lacking gushed forth. That was our liberation which we experience already but not yet. Mind-blowingly, the water that gushed forth from the heart of Jesus went forward, backward, and over the place throughout time; It went back to the conception of the mother of Jesus, rendering her free of original sin and all personal sin– like Eve when she was created. God prepared the Blessed Virgin Mary to be the mother of the Liberator by creating her free of all sin by the merits of that sanctifying flood from the cross. Holy Mary is the New Eve who chose to obey and gave birth to the New Adam through whom we have the gift of transcending the fallenness mentioned above.

And that is what the Church celebrates today in the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. Sorry to cut it short. I hope it makes sense… if not, please leave comments.

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