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May justice be done.

What is so threatening about a 17-year-old kid carrying a bag of Skittles? Trayvon Martin was shot by an apparently racist man who looked bigger than he did–for no other reason than “self defense.” How can a man following a teenager because he did not live in the neighborhood, shoot and kill him out of “self defense”!?! It is a terrible tragedy that should have never happened   if the police took it seriously. And, “to add insult to injury,” the known murderer has yet to be arrested! The injustice is simply maddening. Please sign this petition for the murderer’s arrest right now. It was created by his parents and is currently a little more than 100,000 short of 1 million signatures.

May Trayvon Martin rest in peace. Prayers for the consolation of his parents, friends, and family.

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