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St. Joseph’s humility

St. Joseph believed that Our Lady was a virgin even though she was pregnant, he lived with two perfect individuals, and he relocated his family twice at moment’s notice. Being the foster father of Jesus, the God-Man and the husband of Mary, the Mother of God must have been a tremendously powerful experience. He guarded Treasures beyond compare! St. Joseph must have been humble indeed; his recorded silence speaks to this fact.

The humility of St. Joseph is a reminder of what is required for being close to Jesus especially during our Lenten preparation. While its true that Joseph was chosen because he was a heir to David, it was his humility that made him a worthy foster father of Jesus. His humility baffled demons as to the identity of the son of Joseph. Humility is necessary for men to live up to the responsibilities of their calling. Far from making one a wuss, humility is the virtue of St. Joseph, a rugged construction worker. It’s the first step towards greatness and courage. Speaking of courage, there is movie worth checking out called Courageous.

There is more that can be said about St. Joseph, but my words end here: St. Joseph, pray for us!

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