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The answer is not to be found in politics

It’s really too bad that the candidate who will eventually face off against Pres. Obama is not  likely to be Ron Paul. I really like to see a president who would be a firm supporter of the Constitution and one who doesn’t want the federal government all up in our grills, as it were.  Instead, it looks like politics as usual–the Republican nominee will be someone who probably doesn’t stand a chance. And how can one realistically have a good chance to be  president when one says a bunch of foolishness that makes him look like a moron? At the same time,  it would be better to vote for that one then a pro-abortion commander in chief who seems to want to do away with religious freedom. It’s a scary thought that the executive branch can give and take rights as if rights originated from the government. Such is the sad state of affairs. The rest of the world is not doing so hot either: I’m thinking about the fighting in Syria; its really messed up.

Anyway, the point is politics is not the answer; It cannot hope to be. Ultimately, Christ is the answer, he is the source of freedom…Lent is when we should pray for our world more than ever.

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