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St. Josemaria Escriva

Every aspect of human existence, found in all walks of life, can be lived supernaturally, ordered toward God. A life well lived can find God in the midst of everything, especially within the daily duties of ordinary life. With grace, ordinary life is transformed into extraordinary life. This gets to the heart of what I’ve learned from St. Josemaria Escriva. St. Josemaria, whose feast day it is, contributed to a deeper understanding of holiness in my own life. His writings can be found: http://www.escrivaworks.org and they continue to encourage me to become a better person. To be honest though, I’d not read any of his words until today–how wonderful it is that the Church gives us feast days! Anyway, here is a quote from St. Josemaria that i read today:

“You say you’ve failed! We never fail. You placed your confidence wholly in God. Nor did you neglect any human means.

Convince yourself of this truth: your success — this time, in this — was to fail. — Give thanks to our Lord… and try again!”

-The Way #404

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