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Learning Never Stops

When St. Thomas Aquinas was a student his classmates called him “Dumb Ox” due to his quiet nature and heavy size! They didn’t think he was too bright until he spoke in class one day! He was soaking in knowledge of God like a sponge. And now, the “bellowing of the dumb ox [is] heard throughout the world. St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived; Christian theology owes much to the learning of St. Thomas.

“What is God?” was the question St. Thomas asked. All of his intellectual pursuits revolved around that question. That makes sense– after all, if you love someone wouldn’t you want to know everything about him or her? Aquinas loved God Who is Truth, and so he pursued truth with all his heart. Because he knew that all truth originates with God, St. Thomas Aquinas could reconcile philosophy, science, and reason with faith and revealed truths about God.

It’s interesting to note that St. Thomas Aquinas listened to Jewish rabbis and read the works of Arabic scholars and the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He took the good and integrated it–Christianized it–for the greater glory of God.

I was thought to be pretty dumb myself, growing up. But when I found Truth I just couldn’t get enough. St. Thomas Aquinas inspires me to continue learning everything I can and to look for truth where it is to be found. He teaches me that the knowledge of God can never be exhausted. Certainly, people with little education can love God but knowledge increases love.

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